Strategy and Planning

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.  But if you want to create maximum value through corporate sustainability, you need to define your direction and develop a plan to get there.

What It Is

GPS starts with the development of a strategy for corporate sustainability, then refines that strategy by identifying specific focus areas for improvement, each with its own strategy.  Working through this process allows you to carefully weigh all the opportunities in sustainability and choose those that can deliver the financial and social results you’re looking for.  No one can tackle all the components of sustainability simultaneously.  We’ll help you identify the clear winners.

How It Works

Here’s an example of how the strategy process might work for a manufacturing company.  Your strategies and focus areas will depend on your company’s particular needs.

Sustainability Strategy Flow

Who It’s For

Of course we believe strategy and planning are appropriate and necessary for all companies, but you should especially consider this offering if your company:

  • Has never created a corporate sustainability strategy
  • Has undertaken sustainability projects on an ad hoc basis
  • Has undertaken sustainability projects but doesn’t know how to capitalize on the results, or even what the results were
  • Has a corporate strategy that doesn’t address long-term corporate sustainability
  • Hasn’t updated your corporate strategy to account for current conditions