Reporting a company’s financial performance in the context of the social and natural environments in which it operates delivers a more complete picture of the company’s long-term sustainability and a more compelling justification for its corporate value.

What It Is

Integrated reporting is the combination of a company’s financial performance with its corporate social responsibility performance and its environmental performance.  This type of reporting attempts to monetize the value of strategies that deliver return on an investment in human and natural capital and identify those values as part of total company value.

International standards for integrated reporting are still being developed.  But forward-thinking companies are already experimenting with new approaches to better quantify the value of sustainable strategies, both in terms of improved profits and mitigated risks.

How It Works

The GPS team can work with you to develop effective integrated reporting that will better inform your corporate stakeholders.   We stay abreast of the most recent developments in integrated reporting and can guide you in creating integrated reporting that covers the areas currently under discussion so you’ll be ahead of the game when the international standards are completed.

In addition, if you are interested in expanding your reporting to include Greenhouse Gas or Carbon Footprint measurement or such avenues as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) or the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the GPS team can help you navigate the complexities of sustainability reporting.

We also bring the skills and credentials required for report opinions and certification based on GAAP-approved reporting standards if you are interested in third party certification.

Who It’s For

While many companies are not yet at the point of needing integrated reporting, you may be interested in this service if your company:

  • Is looking for a better way to communicate corporate value beyond simply financials
  • Wants to create a more complete reporting package for stakeholders so that they don’t have to read two or three separate reports
  • Wants to make the case for higher market valuation based on a robust corporate sustainability strategy
  • Wants to join the thousands of companies already doing public reporting through CDP or GRI
  • Needs to demonstrate a coordinated corporate sustainability program to potential buyers, particularly in the B2B arena