There’s no sustainable value in a plan that sits on a shelf or a strategy that’s never realized.  Effective execution is the key to realizing the financial advantages of a corporate sustainability approach.

What It Is

Once you’ve created your strategies, identified your focus areas, and decided what to measure, it’s time to execute the plan.  Execution includes keeping your priorities in alignment with your stated strategies, evaluating the metrics you’ve created to develop clarity and foresight in guiding your priorities, and establishing meeting rhythms that make for effective interactions and better, faster decisions.  You want to be able to capitalize on all the energy and effort that went in to creating the strategy and metrics and not leave the work in a binder on the shelf.

How It Works

The GPS team will work with you to set up a regular execution discipline that will support the necessary follow-through.  We’ll help you structure the internal monitoring and reporting functions that will integrate the sustainability strategy into your management habits, then guide you as you make them your own.  You’ll learn what meeting rhythms work best in what situations and how choosing appropriate communication themes can enhance the receptiveness of your teams.  Through expert coaching, we’ll have helped you build accountability into your execution plan.

Who It’s For

GPS execution support is especially targeted at companies that:

  • Have developed strategies but have not yet executed on them
  • Understand the value of a coach to keep them on task and on target
  • Want to hone their analytical skills in translating metrics into appropriate action
  • Are looking for enhanced accountability within their executive team
  • Want to develop effective and efficient means of communicating results and expectations to team members