Dynamic Communication

Great performance needs to be accompanied by great communication.  For maximum value, your stakeholders need to know that you care about your company’s sustainability and see the progress you’re making.

What It Is

Once you have a strategy and metrics that show your progress in implementing your strategy, you need an effective means to communicate all of that to your company’s stakeholders, both internal and external.    Dynamic communication can strengthen employee engagement, customer loyalty and investor confidence.  The metrics you’ve developed and the attendant dashboard can serve as the content that powers a variety of communication channels – internal reporting, newsletters, e-newsletters, web pages, blogs, news feeds, and social media.

How It Works

The GPS team can help you design a program that takes whatever of your strategies and metrics you choose to share and makes them the basis of a variety of communication media.  Of course, the first and most important communication will be internal reporting for management decisions.  All of your drilldown data can be distilled into easily readable and understandable internal reports.

Performance Reports and Dashboard

For broader distribution, the same metrics can form the basis for any number of communication forms.

Who It’s For

Dynamic communication is a valuable tool at any point in the GPS process.   It would be especially valuable to companies that

  • Want to realize additional value from their commitment to sustainable strategies in terms of increased employee engagement, customer loyalty and investor confidence
  • Have completed successful projects in the past but could not capitalize on them through effective communication
  • Are committed to corporate transparency and are looking for ways to enhance it
  • Have recently begun a corporate sustainability project and want to signal a new corporate direction
  • Want to increase their visibility as a sustainable company to other potential buyers and partners