GPS Presents on Metrics and Dashboards at Energypath 20120

On Thursday, June 28th, Green Performance Strategies’ Andrea and Samantha Wittchen and Deana Zosky presented at Energypath 2012 on metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards and sustainability performance.

At the heart of sustainability performance improvement is the ability to measure and therefore manage the process. KPIs serve as the yardsticks to measure progress against a baseline. Dashboards provide a platform to communicate progress against goals, both internally for better management and externally for better corporate communication with stakeholders. It’s important to know how to choose appropriate KPIs and how to effectively communicate via dashboards and other communication tools.

The presentation walked attendees through the importance of using metrics in daily decision making, as well as how to go about choosing appropriate indicators (both lagging and leading) to give an accurate picture of a company’s sustainability performance.  The talk concluded with an examination of dashboards that are already out there that illustrate some of the best and worst examples of how to develop your own system.



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