• Strategy and Planning from GPS

    Strategy and Planning

    If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.  But if you want to create maximum value through corporate sustainability, you need to define your direction and develop a plan to get there.


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  • measuring-tape


    While strategy and planning form the foundation for corporate sustainability, you need robust metrics and a real-time dashboard to monitor your progress and make better decisions.  Measurement gives you the tools to manage more intelligently.


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  • Execution Services from GPS


    There’s no sustainable value in a plan that sits on a shelf or a strategy that’s never realized.  Effective execution is the key to realizing the financial advantages of a corporate sustainability approach.


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  • graph with leaves


    Reporting a company’s financial performance in the context of the social and natural environments in which it operates delivers a more complete picture of the company’s long-term sustainability and a more compelling justification for its corporate value.


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  • Performance Reports and Dashboard

    Dynamic Communication

    Great performance needs to be accompanied by great communication.  For maximum value, your stakeholders need to know that you care about your company’s sustainability and see the progress you’re making.


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For a growing number of companies, sustainability equals profitability.

But to be sure you're reaping the rewards that sustainability promises, you need to set a strategy, measure your performance and report to your stakeholders in a meaningful, verifiable way.

It's more than just the business case. It's your future.

Our suite of services is designed to give you as little or as much support as you need to track your performance towards financial, operational, environmental and social goals and make better decisions.

Ready to join the world's leading companies in taking your organization's sustainability initiatives to the next level?

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Why Corporate Sustainability?

We define corporate sustainability as having sufficient and appropriate financial, human and natural capital to ensure the long-term viability of the company and the world in which it functions. To us, corporate sustainability is not just about “green”. It’s about understanding that the ability of a company to grow is constrained by not only its financial resources, but also the resources of customers and employees and the carrying capacity of the natural world in which it operates. Those constraints carry both risks and opportunities. Identifying those risks and opportunities and planning appropriately creates increased corporate value. Ignoring them leaves money on the table.


Making sustainability profitable just got a whole lot easier.

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Who We Are

Green Performance Strategies is a joint offering of iSpring and Four Score LLC. We believed that there was a way to combine our passion for sustainability, our belief in the value of metrics, our expertise in business process and finance and our fascination with the mechanisms of clear, concise communication into a service that would help all kinds of organizations find new ways to apply sustainability principles to achieve a better bottom line and a better world. GPS is the result of that collaboration.